Daisy Artificial Grass (30mm) - 2M width


The Daisy artificial grass is a robust, practical choice for anyone looking for an affordable but good quality grassy green lawn. It looks like a long pile even though its just 30mm deep, is darker green in colour and looks like a professionally kept lawn. Ideal for small gardens that you want to keep looking lush and beautiful all year round, the type of lawn ideal for enjoying an outdoor meal or evening glass of wine without having to spend your weekends maintaining it.

Product Specification: 2m & 4m width Technical Specifications
  • Yarn Type : PE (flat with stripes) & PP (curly yarn)
  • Gauge : 3/8"
  • Stitch/10cm : 22
  • Density : 23100 points/m2
  • Dtex : 7300
  • Pile Weight : 1161 gr/m2
  • Total Weight : 2410 gr/m2
  • Pile Height : 30mm
  • Backing : UV resistance PP cloth & non woven fabric
  • UV stability meets DIN 53387 standard 600